What Is African Body Percussion?
What Is African Body Percussion?

African Body Percussion is an incredible form of movement that combines dancing and making music in one. Using your body like a drum-kit you can create intricate rhythms that look difficult and will amaze your friends!

Body percussion looks really hard. But then you break it up into small, achievable steps, suddenly people find that what at first seemed impossible has suddenly become possible. I know it works because I have seen it again and again...

Victoria Leith, Tribal Groove Tutor

Experienced African Body Percussion tutors Victoria and Ollie take you step by step through five african body percussion steps, breaking each one down into easy to follow parts. This tried and tested technique will enable you and your friends to pick up the movements quickly and easily. You’ll be able to practice the steps along side the tutors and when you feel confident you can move on to combine them all together, creating a full blown African Body Percussion routine!

How Will Tribal Groove Help Me?

African Body Percussion is great for your body and your mind! It's noisy and energetic fun, and used regularly will help you feel fit and full of energy. You'll also learn about effective communication and consultation that you can use in your group and in everyday life, too. And you're going to feel really great when you achieve some of the amazing moves and rhythms that look almost impossible.

I’ve seen Tribal Groove in action and it’s amazing! It does wonders for boosting confidence levels and self-esteem, and it is a great way to help you keep fit!

Jason Vale, The Juice Master

If you want to be a music performer, Tribal Groove is a great place to start. Tribal Groove is an amazing form of urban dance that looks really cool while you perform it. It also helps to improve your co-ordination, sense of rhythm and music skills. You could perform in anywhere - at home, at school, in the playground, in the park, on the street, anywhere! Once you’ve got the DVD you don’t need anything else - because you are the instrument!

When we say that you can perform it "anywhere" just remember that Tribal Groove encourages respectfulness, so don't forget to check that you're not going to disturb your neighbours or those around you.

What Are The Communication Skills?

Along with the steps you also get a chance to practice some important life skills such as respect - for yourself and others - patience, tone of voice, and body language. These skills help you to create a positive environment around you. These are designed to enhance the Tribal Groove experience giving you and everyone the chance to shine.

One of the great things that I learnt was how I should treat people. I learnt about consultation, service and much more. I think all that I have learnt will be useful in the future when I talk in groups and sort out arguments.

Pupil - Woodgreen School, Langcliffe, Yorkshire, UK

You Can Achieve Anything!

You'll get a great sense of achievement from African Body Percussion. It's a challenge, but if you put your mind to it it's something you can master - with practice of course! And best of all, you can use everything you've learned – about movement and music, communication and consultation, responsibility and respect – to have a positive influence on those around you.

Bonus Material - There’s Even More!

You can watch "Tips for Better Body Percussion". There are four bonus steps that you can learn when you feel confident with your dancing. And there’s a specially choreographed dance performed by a group of avid African Body Percussion fans. Based on both the steps from the DVD and their own creations, this new dance is designed to show you how you can vary the dance and start to make up your own moves.

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